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Dream Interpretation

dream interpretation book preview

Dreaming Yourself Aware

Author: Dr Joan Harthan

5 blue stars

Printed book 162 pages, ISBN 9781849370554
PDF book 162 pages
RRP   UK £12.99   US $18.99
PDF RRP $15.99   Only $12.99 (US)

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Details about the dream interpretation book
Resource page for the dream interpretation book,
including the dream recording worksheets
About the author, Joan Harthan
Preview inside the book
Praise for dreaming yourself aware
Articles on dream interpretation


Dreaming Yourself Aware

Find dream meanings and interpretations to
understand what your dream means.
A dream book to become your own dream interpreter.  
Use dreaming for goal setting to make life changes.  

Lots of exercises and free downloadable worksheets.


Dreaming yourself aware
This book is based on the belief that only you can accurately interpret your dreams. Dreams are a true reflection of the real you. This book will guide you, in easy to follow steps, to understanding yourself better through your dreams. You will learn to work creatively with your dreams to make better life choices and take positive action to achieve your potential.
Learn how to remember and record your dreams.

  • A structured approach with lots of tools to understand your dreams.

  • Explanation of the language of dreams and the importance of symbols.

  • A large variety of techniques for dream interpretation.

  • Step by step instructions and worked examples to understand a series of dreams.

  • Exercises to help you incubate a dream to find answers to problems.
    Understand your motivation and reveal your goals.

  • Make positive changes to your life with easy to use tools for interpreting dreams.

  • Open new doors into awareness and understanding of yourself and others.

  • How to find and follow the signposts in your dreams to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Dreaming yourself aware gives a step by step guide to interpreting your dreams.
It will show you how to translate your dreams into positive action for change.
Let your dreams make a difference to your life.


What do people think about Dreaming Yourself Aware?

“I found that it was a good exercise to open up my creativity. It will benefit my counselling skills and confidence in risk taking.”
“It has been fun, interesting and helpful to find out about myself and help others in their search for themselves. It’s changed my life.”
“This is a masterpiece amongst self-help books. The insights I gained about myself, through understanding my dreams, have been truly amazing.”
“This book led me, step by step, to discover things about myself that I previously had no idea about. It’s changed my life.”
“I was going through a difficult time when I read this book. I was able to use what I learned to make my life better. Thank you.”
“If you go through the exercises in this book, and work on your dreams in the ways suggested, you can’t fail but find something out about yourself that will amaze you.”
“Dream, Analyse, Action – a recipe for success.”
“This book will show you the difference dreams can make. It takes the reader by the hand and leads them into ever revolving doors of ways of working with their dreams, understanding them, and learning and growing through them.”
“This book will show you how to approach your dreams creatively and think about them differently. What is mind-blowing is that these different ways of working with dreams keep coming! All clearly explained and accessible. So no matter where you are in your relationship with dreams, you can pick up this book and find a new perspective from a very experienced guide.”



About Joan Harthan the author of Dreaming Yourself Aware

Originally from Saddleworth (NE of Manchester) Joan currently lives in the East Midlands. She describes herself as a bridge between two camps. Having worked in mainstream academia for many years she acknowledges the spiritual aspect of dreaming and has a particular interest in Shamanic dream work.
Her successful and varied career, developed relatively late in life, was directed and informed by her dreams. Following many years of living in the grey twilight of what if, may be, when and if, her dreams encouraged her to make the decision to go to University at age 37. She graduated with a PhD in Chemistry and took up a Teaching Fellowship at The University of Nottingham. Four years later she moved into the FE sector where she was employed as a Lecturer in Clinical Physiology / Biomedical Science before returning to The University of Nottingham as a Lecturer in Food Science. Here she instigated undergraduate research into the dreams of women attending a bone density clinic to see whether deteriorating bone condition was being reflected in their dreams. She also studied the effects of nutrition on sleep disturbance in menopausal women.
Always a strong dreamer, she never saw her dreams as any more than a curiosity until a personal tragedy, over twenty years ago, was foreshadowed in a dream, forcing her to take them more seriously. She has kept a daily, illustrated, dream journal ever since and has recorded in excess of 6000 dreams to date.  At the end of each year she has her journal professionally bound; they make a very interesting addition to her large book collection. In 1995, whilst still a student, she began to run regular dream workshops and has facilitated dream work groups since then, including workgroups for students studying for a Diploma in Counselling. Her first book, Working the Nightshift, How To Understand Your Dreams, details the techniques covered in the workshops and is available from her website .
A member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, (IASD), she has had articles and papers published in their magazine Dreamtime and has presented at international conferences in Europe and America.  She has a particular interest in the neurobiological aspects of sleep and dreaming, having presented a paper at the IASD 21st Annual Conference in Copenhagen; “A Theoretical Perspective on the Function of REM Sleep”, which explored the possibility of a link between REM sleep and the generation of new brain cells. She has also been featured in a popular women’s magazine and has done a number of radio interviews. If asked whether she could have achieved so much without reference to her dreams, her answer is a resounding “no”. Her dreams gave her the confidence to make major life changes, secure in the knowledge that she was making the right decision. They have been the lanterns that have illuminated the path ahead.



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