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Developing Your Influencing Skills
5 blue stars

Deborah Dalley and Lois Burton

ISBN 9781849370226
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Details about the book Developing Your Influencing Skills

Developing our Credibility

What makes us believable?

This is an important question when considering our ability to influence others successfully.  Enhancing your credibility is a key component of becoming more influential.  How credible we are comes essentially from our reputation and that is made up of three things – our trustworthiness, our expertise and our track record.  If we establish a reputation for being honest, delivering what we promise and knowing what we are talking about then that reputation precedes us and our ability to elicit belief in others grows.

This is not something that happens without investing time and energy.  Generally we trust people that we have developed a relationship with.  It is possible to identify some of the ways that we can develop our relationships:

  • Be interested in other people and listen to them actively.
  • Be honest and tell the truth.
  • Be consistent – we mistrust people if we do not know what to expect from them.
  • Remove barriers between yourself and others.
  • Be genuine – if people sense that our intent is to manipulate then the relationship is quickly damaged.


However, credibility is more than just liking and trusting someone – we also have to believe that they are capable.  This is not purely a question of having the expertise it is ensuring that it is perceived by others.  It is therefore  important to continuously develop our knowledge however it is equally vital to apply it whenever possible.  This, in part, is about ensuring that we use the most appropriate language and the right back up evidence to make our expertise relevant and understandable to others.

So what makes us believable?  Credibility does which involves developing relationships, ensuring others perceive our expertise and having a proven track record.


Deborah Dalley and Lois Burton

About the book Increasing Your Influence


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