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Successful Minute Taking
5 blue stars

Heather Baker (Author)

ISBN 9781849370387
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Details about the book on taking minutes of meetings

Definitions of Meeting Terms

By Heather Baker

Download a free copy of this list of meeting definitions.

Ad hoc
Means “Arranged for this purpose.”
Appointed to carry out one particular piece of work.
Sometimes they are called special or special purpose committees.

Any other business (AOB)
At the end of a meeting there is often a section for items not covered by the rest of the agenda. These may either be by prior arrangement with the chair or they may be items brought forward by any member of the meeting without prior approval.

Postponing the meeting because of lack of time or as further discussion needs to happen later.

A proposal to alter a motion by adding or deleting words.

Casting vote
A second vote usually allowed to the chairman, except in the case of a company meeting. This is only used when there is an equal number of votes ‘for’ and ‘against’.

Spreading information widely.

Memorandum and articles of association
Regulations drawn up by a company setting out the objects for which the company is formed and defining the manner in which its business shall be conducted.

A question or a proposal – which when passed (approved) becomes a resolution.

No confidence
When the members of a meeting disagree with the chair they pass a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the chair.

Point of order
A question regarding the procedure at a meeting or a query relating to the standing orders or constitution.

The minimum number of persons who must be in attendance to constitute a meeting. This is stated in the constitution or rules of the organisation. If there are enough people the meeting is then said to be ‘quorate’.

A formal decision carried at a meeting.

An additional clause or sentence added to a resolution after it has been passed (NB: it is an addition not an alteration).

Right of reply
The proposer of a resolution has the right of reply when the resolution has been fully discussed.

Standing orders
Rules compiled by the organisation regulating the manner in which its business is to be conducted.

Status quo
Used to refer to a matter in which there is to be no change.

Appointed by a committee to deal with some specific branch of its work.

If a document is tabled it is first seen at the meeting (brought to the table).

Terms of reference
Why a meeting takes place – its purpose and objectives.

When all members of a meeting have voted in favour of a resolution it is said to be carried unanimously.

By Heather Baker

About Heather Baker
Details about the book on taking minutes of meetings
Resource page for the book, including the workbook and links for example minutes
Preview inside the book
Praise for the how to take minutes of meetings training


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