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If you're like me you hate writing reports and are terrified that it won't be good enough
Here's the solution - an easy to follow system that will help you write excellent reports

I was a successful professional. My writing skills were good - I'd written my masters in education, my PhD and even published academic research papers.

So why did the prospect of writing a simple report terrify me?

I'd changed roles from being a chemistry lecturer to a central role at the University of Manchester, England, helping other academics bring innovation into their teaching. I'd been asked to write a report about a project my predecessor had started for wide circulation at top levels in the university.

It should have been easy.....

But it wasn't - I was scared about doing it and this surprised me - I'm used to being able to get on and tackle things. The trouble was this fear lead to procrastination and would end up leading to incompetence.

I got every book I could get out of the library on writing and some of them helped. Then one night in early January I was trying to get back to my village in Ramsbottom, Lancashire (yes it is a real place!) and there was a small amount of snow - but the whole of the town was gridlocked. After 2 hours in traffic I gave up and as luck would have it was stopped outside a pub. Well I did what anyone would have and went in, but I took all those books on writing reports in with me.

Being a scientist I worked through them methodically and came to a conclusion - none of them had a simple recipe for writing a report, one came close and that gave me the nudge to

finally break out of the quivering mess I was in and step back and think through the process.

This is when I designed the flowchart that you get right at the start of the course. The first step is not to write the report but to carefully plan it (obvious to me now but not when I was stuck in paralysis). At the end of my incarceration in the pub (I did finally make it back home along with giving a lift to 2 stranded bus passengers who also ended up in the pub) I had a clear plan of action not only for my own report but also a process that could be repeated.

I'd created a simple easy to follow process to get a great report every time

The process was developed from a simple thought about writing a report and this was:

"It's all about the reader."

report writing online course quote

report writing online course quote

Here's the objective for the report I wrote the next week with confidence:

To give an overview of the current situation of personal development plan (PDP) implementation and to put it in the context of the national perspective and history of PDP at the University. To use this information to outline possible future directions in the developments of PDPs.

All right I admit not the most exciting report ever but it gave me the confidence to be able to write it and do a great job and send it off to all those VIPs (several vice chancellors included).

But more than that it stopped my writing block because all I needed to do was sit and my computer and write a couple of sentences about each part of my plan.

In 2003 I left university life to start teaching other people what I know and I've been too successful - there isn't enough of me to go round so I decided to move my courses online and this is what you've got a chance to get your hands on here. A content packed course with 8 modules, including lots of videos and a downloadable booklet for each module.

"If you follow this recipe you'll get an excellent report every time."

report writing online course quote

What's in the course?

There are 8 modules covering the entire process of writing a report from start to celebration.

Everything is completely online so you can get straight on with it and work through it at your own pace.


Contents of the report writing online course

This extensive course has been carefully designed to help give you a recipe for successful reports. Each module has a downloadable booklet. The booklets have exercises in them that you should engage with to get the most out of the course. All the modules have several videos to help you learn.

Introduction and flowchart

Module 1: Excellent reports

Module 2: Setting your objective

Module 3: Planning your report

Module 4: Resources

Module 5: Organizing your report

Module 6: Presentation of your report

Module 7: Writing your report

Module 8: Finishing your report

As an extra bonus you even get to learn how to read other people's reports in super fast time.

example sample reports
Some of the sample reports you get to look at on the course

report writing online course quote

report writing online course quote

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