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Speed Writing the 21st century alternative to shorthand

Increasing your Influence, A guide to developing the 7 traits of influential people

Coaching Skills Training Course

Successful Minute Taking

How to start as business as a private tutor

Report Writing Skills Training Course

Practical and Effective Performance Management

Dreaming ourself Aware

Speed Writing the 21st century alternative to shorthand

I am 51 years old and have been a secretary more or less since I left school.  I took the requisite Pitmans shorthand course whilst at school and have never been able to understand it, all those squiggles and lines.  I have used my own speed writing version of words through the years and have managed to get by (as long as I dealt with the notes as soon as I had written them and the dictator wasn’t too quick - so it was half memory and half being able to read my own shorthand version).  But now, everything is so clear and makes complete sense.  I take your book on the train every morning and even after the first reading it completely made sense and I could even remember most of what I had read in the first chapter and believe me my memory at retaining new info is not as it used to be.  Even when I was reading your abbreviations I was able to see what they were in a lot of cases before I checked the meaning.  I am thoroughly enjoying learning a new “skill” from a book that is so simple to understand and I have already started to implement my new dictionary of words when taking notes.

A great big thank you for developing a system that is so easy to understand and completely workable and I looking forward to “showing off” my new skills when taking notes (which I will actually be able to understand) at the next board meeting.

Ann, Knightsbridge, London

“I learnt a lot and will be able to put it into practice straightaway.”
“The principles are very easy to follow, and I am already using it to take notes.“
“BakerWrite is the easiest shorthand system I have come across. Having studied all the major shorthand systems and even other speed writing courses, I find BakerWrite a sheer delight.”
“I feel that BakerWrite could be a complete shorthand system.” Robbie, Glasgow
“Your system is so easy to learn and use.” Dawn, London
“I like the way the book is easy to carry around and it’s so simple to understand.” Sue, Manchester
“I will recommend this course to everyone who takes notes.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
“My expectations were exceeded with this course.”
“I will use this system all the time.”

Details of the Speed Writing book

About the author

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Articles on speed writing and shorthand


Increasing your Influence, A guide to developing the 7 traits of influential people

“Interesting, readable and practical – everything I want from this type of book.”

“A brand new take on influencing.”

“Thought provoking and extremely helpful.”

“This book was a revelation.”

“Completely changed the way I see influencing - I now believe that I can grow and develop my ability to influence by concentrating on these seven traits.”

“Very readable book which has changed my perspective on influencing. I always thought of it as a set of tools and techniques but the idea of becoming more influential is much more interesting. This book makes that idea feel possible”.

“I liked the whole concept of developing the traits of influential people and really liked the way they were presented. I enjoyed the exercises and have started to influence people in different ways as a result. Thank you for the ideas.”

“It has made me realize that perhaps I have put too much effort into influencing external clients and stakeholders and not enough time trying to be influential with my own staff!!”

“I quickly realized that, influencing is a much broader topic than I had imagined. I gained from it an understanding that I stand a better chance of maximizing my effectiveness if I play to my own strengths, rather than trying to meet other’s expectations of me.”

“Most importantly, I learnt that some of the “influencing” I see employed by others is really manipulations and not only is it not necessary but it can in fact be counterproductive to subscribe to this method. It was very reassuring to hear that I don’t have to become someone I’m not in order to extend my influence!”

Increasing your Influence book details

About the authors Lois Burton and Deborah Dalley

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Articles relating to influencing skills


Coaching Skills Training Course Reviews

"Fabulous workbook. Covered the background, the techniques, the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ making it very clear and simple to use for yourself or others.”

"A great business or personal tool packed with useful
information and techniques. Especially liked the authors own views and experiences of using the strategies.”

"The only coaching book I have read that gives you the
templates and scripts ready to use and permission to use them.”

"Takes you through step by step from understanding
coaching to running your own sessions.”

Coaching Skills Training Course book details

About the author

Preview inside the book

Articles on coaching skills


Praise for Minutes of Meetings training course


“I had a real phobia about minute taking and was dreading today, but you’ve really taken away my fear. It’s all fallen into place.” Beverley, Leeds

“This was a genuine workshop that taught skills and you came away knowing more than when you went in. Heather was keen to assess our expertise and worked with the group accordingly. Good to see someone presenting without constant reference to notes.”

“One of the best facilitators ever - quite clearly Heather had an extensive knowledge of the skills needed and she wanted to share best practice. She was keen to hear of other experiences, mixed the group up well and interacted with everyone. Everyone had a part to play and felt confident enough to ask and contribute whatever their level of expertise. Heather was very approachable.”

“This was an excellent workshop which clearly met all of its objectives. The course was well planned and the subject matter presented in a clear, logical and interesting way.”

“Heather had very good subject knowledge and is a very good trainer. She used a number of different teaching methods and was excellent at putting the group at ease; everyone joined in.” Committee servicing and minute taking for Leeds Metropolitan University

“The School has seen a vast improvement in minute taking since staff attended Heather Baker’s minute taking session. This has been crucial for the forthcoming audits and we are very grateful to Heather. Staff have commented that instructions and presentation were good and it was a fun session with lots of useful material.” Sheila Furmedge, ASIS and Staff Development Manager, University of Huddersfield

“It was a really clear, structured course. Good pace (kept to the agenda!). Good to leave a course and feel like I can truly apply what I’ve learnt to my role.”
Minute taking for the National Audit Office

“I’m fairly comfortable with taking minutes, but find I write a lot of notes in the meeting which probably aren’t necessary. I’ve learnt how to condense effectively.”

“Heather was very practical and helpful; understood the reality of taking minutes and not just the theory!”
Minute taking for RiverStone Management Limited

“I enjoyed the course and found it relevant to my needs. The trainer was helpful and able to answer questions. She obviously enjoys her work and conveys her enthusiasm to delegates.”

“I found the course really useful and the style and delivery were very easy to understand.”
Bespoke minute taking for Yorkshire Television

Details of the taking minutes of meeting book
About the author, Heather Baker
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Articles on writing minutes of meetings
Resource page for Successful Minute Taking - Meeting the Challenge,
Praise for the how to take minutes of meetings training



Praise for How to Start a Business as a Private Tutor

Set up a tutoring business from home
Learn the secrets of success from years of experience
in tuition from primary through to GCSEs
Free ready to use printable forms and sample adverts


“I’m busy planning how to advertise and hope I’ll be able to get going very soon. Thank you for all your helpful advice and for the material you provided me with. I still feel quite nervous about starting but also quite excited about the possibilities tutoring offers.”

“Since seeing Graham my twins have really come on, without his help they would have struggled.”

“My daughter has improved in maths almost immediately thanks to Graham’s unique way of making it sound so simple.”

“Your help has turned my life around. I’m now doing something worthwhile.”

“You provided me with some great tips on getting started and I purchased a copy of your book.
I’m pleased to say that the business is going well. I have six pupils at present and all are making good progress. The parents are also very happy with the services I’m providing. I am combining this work with supply teaching during the day and working in the local library two days a week to ensure a regular income.
I would like to thank you again. Starting tuition is the best thing I could have done after recovering from my illness and your advice and book have been invaluable.”

Details of the How to Start a Business as a Private Tutor book
Resource page for the book, including the multiplication grid, blends and grammar sheets and blank forms for you to use.
About the author, Graham Woodward
Preview inside the tutoring business book
Praise for the book, How to Start a Business as a Private Tutor

Praise for Report Writing Skills Training Course

Details of the Report Writing book

"Very useful, it has given me a great number of useful tips and information.”

"This will help me to organize and structure my work in a logical way.”

"I will now have a structure to use when preparing future reports and I will feel much more confident in doing this.”

"I now understand how important preparation is when writing a report.”

"The list of eight questions is fantastic, I will always use this for my reports from now on.”

"Very informative and useful.”

"These techniques can be applied in my work straight away.”

"Extremely interesting and useful – vital preparation if you need to write reports for work.”

"Very easy to take back into the work environment.”

"Practical advice and guidance plus plenty of materials to support my report writing.”

About the author Margaret Greenhall


Praise for the Performance Management Course

“At last, a book that deals with all aspects of performance management in an understandable and pragmatic way. The case studies at the end are just the kind of issues I am dealing with - great book.” Senior Training Manager

“Steve gave total commitment and understanding to improve the performance of the college through the people. He was empathetic with staff but always challenging and focused. As his sponsor for the work Steve gave me constructive feedback on how the college contributed to the performance of staff in meeting challenging targets. The college success rates moved from 45% to 80% in a relatively short period of time, a true measure of the impact of performance management.”

“I wish I’d had this book 15 years ago. It is so well written and has loads of practical advice for everyday situations. I found it really helped me to reflect on my skills as a manager. Excellent and useful book.” Head of IT, Large International company

“It gave me practical tips which I can implement.”

“I think the roles and goals section will be extremely helpful to me and the team.”

“It gave me the opportunity to focus and take on board information while reflecting on my own practice.”

“I am really impressed with the amount of information that is in this book. It feels well researched and has been written by someone who has trained this in the real world.”

“Steve’s approach is to look holistically at performance management - addressing all aspects of the performance spectrum and linking models and theory with practical examples from his extensive experience of working with organisations. Steve makes performance management accessible and understandable, helping managers to clearly identify how they can get the best out of their people.”

“It was useful to look at how to reward staff, what to change to make rewards selective.”

“It gave me ideas for taking a proactive approach to performance management rather than only responding to poor performance.”

“This should be rolled out to all managers in my organisation.”

“Lots of ideas on how to improve performance management in my team- especially using the inquiry approach to action plan.”

Details about the performance management book
Resource page for the performance management book,
About the author, Steve Walker
Preview inside the book
Articles on performance management

Praise for Dreaming Yourself Aware, Dream Interpretation book

“I found that it was a good exercise to open up my creativity. It will benefit my counselling skills and confidence in risk taking.”

“It has been fun, interesting and helpful to find out about myself and help others in their search for themselves. It’s changed my life.”

“This is a masterpiece amongst self-help books. The insights I gained about myself, through understanding my dreams, have been truly amazing.”

“This book led me, step by step, to discover things about myself that I previously had no idea about. It’s changed my life.”

“I was going through a difficult time when I read this book. I was able to use what I learned to make my life better. Thank you.”

“If you go through the exercises in this book, and work on your dreams in the ways suggested, you can’t fail but find something out about yourself that will amaze you.”

“Dream, Analyse, Action – a recipe for success.”

“This book will show you the difference dreams can make. It takes the reader by the hand and leads them into ever revolving doors of ways of working with their dreams, understanding them, and learning and growing through them.”

“This book will show you how to approach your dreams creatively and think about them differently. What is mind-blowing is that these different ways of working with dreams keep coming! All clearly explained and accessible. So no matter where you are in your relationship with dreams, you can pick up this book and find a new perspective from a very experienced guide."

“An amazingly informative book. Before using it, I never realised the importance of dreams.”

“Do you want to understand yourself better? Are you having dreams that are bugging you? Do you think there might be something in the whole 'dream' thing?  This book will show you the difference dreams can make.  It takes the reader by the hand and leads them into ever revolving doors of ways of working with their dreams, understanding them, and learning and growing through them.”

this book close to your bed and dip into it or work through it step by step.  Either way, it will open new doors of awareness and understanding.”

“It doesn't matter if you aren't remembering any dreams and want to experience them - or you are having dreams and want to find out what they are about in a deeper way. 
This book will show you how to approach your dreams creatively and think about them differently.  What is mind-blowing is that these different ways of working with dreams keep coming!  All clearly explained and accessible.  So no matter where you are in your relationship with dreams, you can pick up this book and find a new perspective from a very experienced guide.”

“'Dreaming Yourself Aware' contains techniques and tools to record your dreams and welcome them into your daily consciousness.  But it also goes much further - It offers ways of listening to dreams, taking actions that arise from them and using your dreams to check you are going in the right direction - empowering you to take a step closer to making your own cherished dreams come true.”

Details about the dream interpretation book
Resource page for the dream interpretation book,
including the dream recording worksheets
About the author, Joan Harthan
Preview inside the book
Articles on dream interpretation

Free copy of an ebook on mind mapping and sun diagrams for memory and creativity

Free webinar on the journey technique for improving your memory


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