Coaching Skills Training  Course Ebook (PDF)

Coaching Skills Training Course Ebook (PDF)

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Coaching Skills Training Course - Your toolkit to coaching yourself and others with exercises and scripts, Kathryn Critchley
AMAZON 10 top best selling book.*
About the author
Preview inside the book
Articles on coaching skills
This book brings together different coaching models and helps give you an easy to follow structure to design inspiring coaching sessions.
An easy to follow 5 step model to guide you through the coaching process
Exercises will help you enhance your skills
Learn to both self-coach and coach others
Work at your own pace to increase your coaching ability
Free downloadable, easy to apply scripts and guided questions that you can start to use immediately
Over 25 ready to use ideas
How to use NLP in your coaching
Goal setting tools to help people achieve their ambitions

A toolbox of ideas to help you become a great coach.

*Number 6 in Amazon category 

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