Speed Writing Modern Shorthand Ebook (PDF)

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Speed Writing Modern Shorthand An Easy to Learn Note Taking System

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 About the author Heather Baker

Short articles about the book:

10 uses of speed writing

8 tips for faster writing

How was BakerWrite system of speed writing created?

Shorthand my place in its history

Praise for BakerWrite speed writing system

AMAZON number 1 best selling book.*

Most people need a note taking system for work or study but few people have the time or inclination to spend a year or two learning shorthand. BakerWrite Speed Writing enables you to learn a new system in a matter of hours and become proficient within weeks.

This book is laid out in 6 easy to follow lessons, that take about an hour each.

Practical guided exercises, with full answers, in each chapter and each session is rounded off with a dictation passage (available in the free resources zip file).

Save time and become more efficient taking dictation, in meetings, on the telephone, in lectures or interviews.

No strange squiggles to learn – just different ways to use the letters you already know.

Your notes will be easy to transcribe.

Enhance your career with a new skill.

Save time by reducing your written text by an average of 33% - often more.

Adapt the system to suit your needs.

Free downloadable short dictionary and workbook.

A terrific opportunity to save time and change your working practices – for the better!


*Number 1 in Amazon category shorthand

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